Portraits by DEMOORE

We have learned that there are many motivations for people to have their portrait taken. Whether it's for work, family memories, to create a special image for someone, or for any other reason, we have the skills, experience and the equipment to do it right.

About our photo editing

Portrait Gallery

Our photoshop abilities are at the top of the scale. When we do our editing on photos of people, we can do some amazing work. We have the expertise to do some or all of the following things to our images when practical and if the customer wants.
*Remove blemishes and other skin imperfections
* Remove or reduce skin wrinkles
* Brighten teeth and eyes
* Reshape parts of the body to refine shape.
* Remove some tattoos

Where can the photos be taken?

We have all the gear necessary to take portraits just about anywhere. Locations such as a studio, outdoors, at home, or at an office, just to name a few, are places that we regularly shoot at.